Main Coordinator: Mike               
Treasurer: Don
Alternate Coordinator: Sean
Secretary: Chris

Event Coordinator: Jedediah
Media/Tech: Matt & Chris Smiley
General Coordinator: Victor           
General Coordinator: Angelika


  1. Reading Statement of Purpose/ brief introductions
  2. 1st half Concept descriptions
    • What is the Zeitgeist Movement?- 5 min Sean, Mike
    • RBE- 5 minutes Chris
    • technology- 5 minutes Don, Mike
    • economy- 5 minutes Matt
    • human behavior- 5 minutes Sean, Mike
    • PJ book overview, brief mention, few minutes, and other sources.
    • —————————————————————————————————–
    • 2nd half go over agenda and share & discus group action plan, then Calendar
    • Media Festival action planning, Sep- Jedediah
    • Town Hall, January?
    • Who would be interested in participating in what type of project
    • Automation AI project-Matt
    • Homeless food distribution project- Chris Carr
    • Future events/parades-need banner (science march)/ MLK/ Pride, etc.-banner project, Who?
    • Field trips cal earth 1st Sat every Mo., Ron’s aquaponic farm, etc
    • Amikas project, homeless sleeping bag project?
    • Guest speakers/ films/ presentations/ making models to help communicate ideas
    • Plan for- July/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar

CALENDAR: (Go over future planning events/ 1 major event quarterly?)

  • Planning Committee meeting (week before Mo meeting, 3rd Tues every Mo.) PRC?
  • Media Festival, August, Queen B’s?Town Hall, end January
  • Other proposals? Film showings, events etc.?
Monthly public meeting, June 30th, 2017

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