June 23, 2015

In Attendance:

Jed, Kim, Vince, Liza, Tony, Angelica, Don, Matt


Master of ceremonies: Kim
Minutes: Matt
Photos: Liza (Don and Angelica also took a couple photos)


  1. Introductions ***
  2. Highlights from last meeting
  3. Details about upcoming meetings/events
    3a. FIGMENT is this Saturday, June 27
  4. Current status of promo and event materials (DVDs, flyers, books, shirts, cameras, etc.)
  5. SD TZM Website Development Team
  6. SD TZM Online Promo Team
  7. Elevator pitches ***

Notes from this meeting:

  • get a whiteboard
  • get everything posted online to reach more people
  • new website
    • videos
    • articles
    • messaging
    • calendar
    • list of expenses (for transparency)
    • synopsis/intro
    • humor
    • blog
    • debate
    • RBE game
  • Liza made a life size poster board for people to put their head in and take a photo. It’s the man eating the earth and it has the tzm website on the bottom. Great work Liza!!!
  • talked about RBE game
  • talked about apologetics (arguments)
  • Jed posted a meetup for the FIGMENT event this Saturday
  • elevator pitches
    • you’d have a lot of sex
    • extend the life of humanity, just a group trying to save the earth
    • grassroots global sustainability group
    • untested hypothesis that we think might be a better way
    • movement to open a dialog
    • grassroots movement trying to unfuck the world

Action items:

  • Jed is going to make a first draft new website mockup
  • Liza needs us to send her quote ideas for the top of her poster cut-out.
  • We need an agenda for next meeting
June 23, 2015 – Planning Meeting

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