Zeitgeist San Diego
Planning committee meeting, December 19th, 2017

Main Coordinator: Mike
Alternate Coordinator: Sean

Treasurer: Don
Secretary: Chris
Event Coordinator: Vince
Media/Tech: Matt

General Coordinators: Ricky/ Angelika


  1. Grp photo-Reading Statement of Purpose
  2. Treasurers report- open bank account
  3. Jan 26th change responsibility position/voting- main coordinator
  4. Secretary creating schedules and after action reports
  5. Bylaws- responsibility descriptions
  6. Round table (in Monthly meetings before going over agenda, due to time, etc.)
  7. Film showing debrief
  8. Z-day planning
  9. Tzm shirts update
  10. Tabling Saturdays or Sundays balboa park  
  11. visual boards for tabling, pamphlets, update- Vertical farms, 3D print cars, air wtr
  12. Banner making/ flags advertising tzm
  13. Matt- Website, RBE game
  14. Projects: levels of needs- shelter, water, energy, food- information, alt currencies
  15. Chris Carr- Homeless food distribution project- non profit/ river clean up
  16. Mike foraging trips
  17. Other project ideas?  Guest speakers, film showings (field trip to Permaculture farm)

CALENDAR: (Go over future planning events/ 1 major event quarterly?)


  • Plan for Jan/Feb/Mar-  Z day Mar
  • Jan 6th cal earth potluck 10:00am




December 19, 2017 – Planning Meeting

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