We are the San Diego chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement. We launched in October 2009.

Mission Statement

This is our shortened, easier to digest, version of The Movement’s official mission statement.

Mike’s Version

Statement of Purpose

As members of The Zeitgeist Movement, we affirm our greater responsibility to support global sustainability.  To this end we will work with others to:

  •    Increase public awareness of the inefficiencies within a monetary based economy.
  •    Transition to a Resource Based Economy.
  •    Declare the Earth’s resources as common heritage of all the world’s people.
  •    Utilize technology intelligently for the freeing of humanity.
  •    Understand that which influences human behavior.
  •    Apply the principles of the Scientific Method for problem solving.

As members of the Zeitgeist Movement, we strive to use objectivity and encourage a positive shift in values to achieve these goals.  All members are encouraged to be proactive for the larger purpose of world peace and global sustainability.

Chris’s Version


Sustainability Advocacy Organization that focuses on:

Awareness, Activism and Community.

Started in 2008 by Peter Joseph as an activist arm of the Venus Project.

Awareness – International, State and City Chapters.

Activism – Project Teams such as media project and technology teams.

Community – Charities such as food drives and other community projects.


Move on from monetary based Socio-Economic Model to a Resource Based “Natural Law” Economy.

From believing problems such as Poverty, War, Starvation and Pollution

are the sole result of Corruption, Scarcity, or just Human Nature.

And trying to fix them through a damaged system of:

Monetary exchange, Business and Profit


a Direct Technical Approach Based on:

Resource Management, Allocation and Design using the

Scientific Method to reason problems and find optimal solutions.

Focusing on a Train of thought, instead of:

Political figures, Platforms, Institutions or Country.

Viewing the world as a Single System-

The Human Species as One Family.

Utilizing all forms of non-violent communication.

Recognizing the need for all countries to apply the long-term goal of disarming and sharing resources and ideas if we ever expect to survive in the long run.

Matt’s Super-Short Version

TZM is an international organization dedicated to transforming our global socioeconomic system into one of greater peace and prosperity for all people.


  1. To increase public awareness of the harms of capitalism (Poverty, War, Starvation, Pollution).
  2. To promote and pursue a global Natural Law / Resource-Based Economy (NLRBE).
  3. To promote the use of the scientific method to solve our social problems.


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We do Meetups, Lectures (Z-Day), and Artivist (Zeitgeist Media Festival) events, along with monthly planning meetings and monthly public meetings.