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This is an attempt to create a list of projects currently being worked on by Zeitgeist San Diego members. Members are encouraged to contribute to any and all of these projects.

Current Projects

Youtube Video Outreach

Contributing Members: Will, [your name here?]

  • Youtube videos have the potential to reach far more people than we could ever reach in person and are therefore an invaluable teaching method.


Proposed Projects

Functional Scale Model of a Vertical Farm

Contributing Members: Jedediah, Mike Hanes, [your name here?]

  • Seeking out sources for funding of this project
  • Seeking designers and builders to fabricate the model
  • Blueprints needed for the model
  • Will be powered by solar panels
  • Desalinization/Nutrient Extraction Plant attached
  • Must be portable, no larger than 6ft tall x 3ft diameter

Economy Game

Contributing Members: Matt S., Jedediah, [your name here?]

  • The idea here is to create a player controlled economic simulation in order to better show the benefits and detriments of different economic systems and to prove to the naysayers that an RBE is humanly possible.
  • Buckminster Fuller called this a World Game.
  • Similar computer games include Real Lives and Jones in the Fast Lane


Completed Projects

Circular City Model

Contributing Members: Mike Hanes, Mikes 10yr old daugter Zaina, (Mom) Marilyn Frazier, Laura Adriana, Victor Love

Here is a video of our Circular City model with an explanation by Mike Hanes:

    • This model was originally designed and influenced by Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project in order to express visually what a future sustainable city system in an RBE could look like [video of Jacque explaining his city design].
    • This particular design was extrapolated from Jacque’s design and modified in order to break apart the sections and assemble on a carrying cage for ease of transport.  Mike completed one section and the center dome and directed others helping him in completing the rest.  Mike also designed and welded the carrying cage which was just about as much work as building the city itself.
    • Mike came up with 8 fundamental sectors necessary for these startup cities to function (corresponding to 8 slices of a pie). These areas are:
      1. Agriculture – food production and water harvesting
      2. Energy production
      3. Transportation
      4. Technology
      5. Health Care
      6. Waste and Recycling
      7. Education
      8. Shelter production – housing

Hydroponic Demo System

Contributing Members: Mike Hanes

  • This model was built by Mike in order to show people an out of the box method for growing food.  This is modeled after his bigger version at home but scaled down for ease of transportation.
  • The goal is to help explain through visuals and interaction, the technological advancements in this area and the amazing potential for producing food in an abundance.
  • Implications:
    • abandoned warehouses turned to food production facilities
    • vertical hydroponic food producing skyscraper systems
    • efficiency of 95% water savings
    • control of optimal organic nutrients
    • free from soil disease
    • protection from hungry critters
    • climate control – making this method available for growing globally no matter the climate

Comparison of Values & Corruption in Monetary Economy vs RBE

Contributing Members: Matt S.

  • A comparison of the value systems and corruptibility in systems with and without money.
  • This document is more or less complete.

Portable Education Center

Contributing Members: Jedediah, Mike Hanes, [your name here?]

  • Billboard style framing approx. 6ft tall x 4ft wide, with 4-6 sections:
    1. [done] Zeitgeist Movement General Information
    2. [done] Vertical farms/desalinization/nutrient extraction from seawater
    3. [done] Clean, alternative forms of energy production (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Wave, Ect.)
    4. CFS Cybernated Farm Systems
    5. …….your idea here…..

ZMSD Members’ Inventory of Resources & Skills

Contributing Members: Suzanne, Matt S., [your name here?]

  • This is for letting fellow ZMSD members know where your expertise lies and what other physical resources you have available.
  • Access to this list is restricted to the people on the list due to the presence of personal contact info.

Common Objections to a Resource Based Economy

Contributing Members: Ben McLeish (of TZM Global Radio), Matt S., [your name here?], everyone

  • A good, but incomplete Q&A for answering the hard questions.
  • As new questions or better answers emerge, we must document them here.
  • Used to be a google doc.

List of events & behaviors that exist only in a money system

Contributing Members: Matt S., EVERYONE

  • It’s a form and spreadsheet for collecting the behaviors/events caused by the money system.
  • The goal is to make a strong case against money/trade/ownership.

List of Jobs Found Only in a Monetary Economy

Contributing Members: Matt S., [your name here?]

  • An attempt at identifying the jobs that exist only as a result of this convoluted money system. It further tries to identify the percentage of the workforce employed in these areas.