00:00 Music – Julia Sage, https://www.gigtown.com/artists/juliasage

05:44 Statement of Purpose – Vicente Lee, TZM San Diego

07:06 What is the Zeitgeist Movement? – Chris Carr, TZM San Diego

12:56 The Peace Economy – Anne Barron, War Tax Counselor https://nwtrcc.org/, Peace Resource Center http://www.prcsd.org/, Women Occupy San Diego http://www.womenoccupysandiego.org

41:42 Why are We Here? – Vicente Lee, TZM San Diego

47:05 Humans Need Not Apply video – CGP Grey, https://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU

49:14 From Scarcity to Abundance – Sean McCrea, TZM San Diego

1:22:52 Q&A

San Diego Z-Day 2018 Video

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