The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing A New Train Of Thought is the official representative text of the The Zeitgeist Movement.


This tediously sourced and highly detailed work argues for a large-scale change in human culture, specifically in the context of economic practice. The dominant theme is that the current socioeconomic system governing the world at this time has severe structural flaws, born out of primitive economic and sociological assumptions originating in our early history, where the inherent severity of these flaws went largely unnoticed.

However, in the early 21st century, these problems have risen prominently, taking the consequential form of increasing social destabilization and ongoing environmental collapse. Yet, this text is not simply about explaining such problems and their root causality – It is also about posing concrete solutions, coupled with a new perspective on social/environmental sustainability and efficiency which, in concert with the tremendous possibility of modern technology and a phenomenon known as ephemeralization, reveals humanity’s current capacity to create an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

While largely misunderstood as being “utopian” or fantasy, this text walks through, step by step, the train of thought and technical industrial reordering needed to update our global society (and its values) to enable these profound new possibilities. While this text can be read strictly from a passive perspective, it was created also to be used as an awareness or activist tool. The Zeitgeist Movement, which has hundreds of chapters across dozens of countries and is perhaps the largest activist organization of its kind, hopes those interested in this direction will join the movement in global solidarity and assist in the culmination of this new social model, for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

The book was self-published in January 2014. It was written by the ‘TZM Lecture Team’ and edited by Ben McLeish, Matt Berkowitz, and Peter Joseph. It describes the name of our group in this way:

The term “zeitgeist” is defined as the “general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era.” The term “movement” simply implies “motion” or change. Therefore, The Zeitgeist Movement is an organization that urges change in the dominant intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time.


The full text of The Zeitgeist Movement Defined is free to download and distribute.


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Table of contents


Part I: Introduction

1: Overview
2: The Scientific Worldview
3: Sourcing Solutions
4: Logic vs Psychology
5: The Case for Human Unity
6: The Final Argument –Human Nature

Part II: Social Pathology

7: Defining Public Health
8: History of Economy
9: Market Efficiency vs Technical Efficiency
10: Value System Disorder
11: Structural Classism, The State and War

Part III: A New Train of Thought

12: Introduction to Sustainable Thought
13: Post-Scarcity Trends, Capacity and Efficiency
14: True Economic Factors
15: The Industrial Government
16: Lifestyle, Freedom and the Humanity Factor

Part IV: The Zeitgeist Movement

17: Social Destabilization and Transition
18: Becoming The Zeitgeist Movement